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International Women's Day- Flowers that Represent Female Strength and Resilience

International Women's Day falls on 8th March- and was originally called 'Working Women's Day'. It was celebrated internationally for the first time in Germany, Austria, Denmark, and Switzerland in 1911.

In the years after, International Women's Day was celebrated in more and more countries, and it became a truly international celebration. In the beginning, the day stood for taking action in support of equal rights, better working conditions, and the right to vote. Nowadays, on International Women's Day, we pause to remember the fight that women went through to gain their rights and to emphasize that there is still more to do.

Here are our top flowers to pick from your nearby florist in Ventura California for giving and combining on International Women's Day:


Cymbidiums are elegant and mysterious flowers that represent power. It has huge, chalice-shaped flowers and is a stunning beauty both in a bouquet and as an eye-catcher on its own in a vase. There is a range of colors, and the lip can be decorated with delicate stipples or dots. Did you know that Cymbidium has a long vase life? This flower can be around for five weeks before fading! It makes an ideal present as the lucky recipient can enjoy it for a long time.

In China, Cymbidium is a special present between friends, because it symbolizes a valued and respected friendship.


Mimosa is one of the symbolic flowers for International Women's Day. This tradition first started in Italy but has now spread all over the world. To be honest, nobody knows for sure why Mimosa became such a representative flower for this special day. But a lot of people guess that it might have something to do with Mimosa naturally blooming during this season and being plentiful at this time of year. Other than that speculation though, it's just a perfectly cheerful flower for Women's Day that reminds people of sunshine and summer. But Mimosa also symbolizes respect, elegance, dignity, and kindness. It's an interesting choice when you think about it that way.


Tulips range from special botanical varieties that remain short and small to stunning cultivated ones with varying flower shapes, like single- or double-bloomed, fringed (crispa), and parrot Tulips. These International Women's Day flowers can have one or more colors, be flamed or striped. Available in white, red, yellow, pink, purple, orange, and green, which color will you choose?

If you gave a Tulip as a gift in the sixteenth century, you were giving someone riches. In those days, the flower was unbelievably popular, and there was a speculative trade in tulip bulbs. At its peak, you could purchase an entire canal house in Amsterdam for the price of a single tulip bulb! Luckily, the cheerful bunch of tulips is much more affordable nowadays and makes a beautiful flower in Ventura CA to give on International Women's Day!


Chrysanthemums are available in different varieties: disbudded and sprayed. They also come in an extensive range of color tones. They create a feeling of warmth and add color, fitting perfectly into every bouquet, plus they have a long vase life.

Just like many other flowers, Chrysanthemums are symbols of beauty and strength. In this case, it also stands for happiness and health. It's fun to point that out when giving Chrysanthemums as a gift.


Lilies capture the heart of what it means to be a woman, you know? That makes them such a splendid and extremely fragrant choice of flowers for a beautiful woman. They usually symbolize devotion or purity, though the real meaning can change depending on the specific kind of lily, the culture, and the color. But because of that old Greek myth about Hera and Zeus, lilies are commonly tied to being reborn, fertility, and motherhood.

This International Women's Day, honor the strength, resilience, and achievements of the remarkable women in your world with a gorgeous bouquet from Secret Gardens Florist- your local florist in Ventura California.