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What color flowers do you get for someone in the hospital?

Choose cheerful and brightly colored flowers, such as yellow or pink, to uplift spirits and bring joy to someone in the hospital, conveying warm wishes for a speedy recovery

  • Get Well Soon Flowers

Visiting someone in the hospital can be tough. They are probably not feeling their best and the hospital room is not the most cheerful place. One thing you can do to brighten their day is bring some fresh flowers- yes, flowers are a nice gift that will make the room smell nicer and look more cheerful.

Here are some good options for 6 different get-well flower colors you can bring someone who is in the hospital:

Yellow Flowers

Yellow flowers symbolize cheerfulness and joy. They will help brighten the hospital room and lift the patient's spirits. A nice yellow best get well flower option is sunflowers. Sunflowers come in a bunch and are super cheerful looking with their big bright yellow petals. Sunflowers have thick green stems that will last a while in a vase. Sunflowers remind people of sunshine on a nice summer day. You will be bringing a little sunshine into their hospital room. Another yellow option is daisies. Daisies have that nice bright yellow center and look very cheerful. Daisies do not last as long as sunflowers though.

Red Flowers

Red flowers represent courage and bravery. They are nice flowers that mean get well soon for someone who is facing a health challenge and needs support. A great red flower is a rose. Roses come in different colors but the classic red rose is a beautiful classic choice. Roses have that gorgeous red color and lovely scent. Make sure to get roses that have not already started blooming too much. You want the petals to still be opening up so they will last longer in the vase. Carnations are another nice red flower. Carnations come in bunches and hold their shape and color well in a vase.

White Flowers

White flowers symbolize purity, innocence, and loyalty. White flowers are an elegant choice to cheer up a hospital room. Lilies are classic white flowers perfect to get from a nearby flower shop in Ojai for this purpose. Lilies have that distinctive trumpet shape with lush white petals. They have a sweet smell too. Make sure the lilies you choose still have tight buds that will open up over the next few days. Orchids are another beautiful white flower that will last at least a week in a vase. Orchids come in different white varieties with unique shapes. Just be sure whoever you are visiting is not allergic to orchids before choosing them.

Pink Flowers

Pink flowers represent kindness, care, admiration, and joy. Pink flowers make a nice cheerful addition to brighten the hospital room. Peonies are just gorgeous when in bloom with big full pink petals. Peonies last fairly long in a vase too which is nice. You will want to get peonies that have just started opening up so they continue blooming in the vase. Alternatively, carnations also come in lovely light pink colors at almost every florist in Ventura California. Carnations hold up well and will give the room a cheery feeling with their lovely soft pink tones.

Purple Flowers

Purple flowers signify royalty, dignity, and pride. They are elegant flowers for a sick person. For purple flowers, hydrangeas would be a great option. Hydrangeas come in different shades of purple and also blue colors. Hydrangeas have large full heads of florets making quite a statement. Hydrangeas need a longer vase to stand out. Alternatively, lilacs if in season would be another nice purple flower choice. Lilacs have a wonderful fragrance too that would help lift everyone's mood. Their small bell-shaped blooms come in different shades of purple.

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